Download Prisma App for iPhone [Latest Version]

Prisma is the new talk of the town with so many people talking about this specific app. Making your look awesome with Download Prisma App for iPhone is very easy.

This is basically a photo editing app that uses artificial intelligence and neural networks to provide some of the best edits to your photos.

There is a reason why people are going so gaga over this new app, one of the reasons is that it provides one of the best sketch like filters for one pic that you can either click or you can choose an existing picture from your gallery.

These edits have been tried by many camera apps like Paper camera etc. but the results they provided were definitely not satisfying and hence they didn’t go so viral but it seems Prisma App for iPhone is able to do what people like and hence people the app has become so viral.

Now, we can totally 100% understand why you are looking for a way to download and try Prisma App for iPhone and that is what we are going to mention in this very post but before all that, we will talk about the features of this app.Prisma App for iPhone

Features of Prisma for iPhone

Prisma was first launched for iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and others and it is yet to be launched on Android. This is done by the developer to make sure that iPhone users use it first and this gives an app an initial kick that it needs because iPhone users quickly adopt and start making an app famous if they like and they did it for Prisma App for iPhone

This and the similarity to the app like Instagram is what made people start loving this app in such a short time. People share their Prisma edited photos that look absolutely amazing and this makes other people start using Prisma App for iPhone which means more number of users for the app. Let us take a look at some of the best features of the Prisma App for iPhone below.

  • The Prisma app uses Artificial Intelligence along with Neural networks to read the image and to analyze it.
    When the full read of the app is complete, Prisma will give you options to choose from for the edited image that you just chose or clicked.
  • Now you can use Prisma App for iPhone with ease of use that Instagram provides and you can see it works just the way Google’s Dreamify system works to provide you best edited and filtered photo.
  • The app clearly looks similar to what Instagram does and feels so familiar and that is what made people adopt the app so easily and so fast.
  • You can either take a picture from the Prisma App for iPhone itself or you can choose an already existing photo that you have stored on your phone already.
  • Now changing the intensity of edits just by swiping left and right on the image which is another good and easy to use thing.
  • You can start expecting Prisma to be available for video and VR content too.
  • There is no limit to what you can edit and make a sketch of. You can edit your selfies and you can also edit your landscape photos. It is totally up to you.
  • Prisma can easily use your phone’s camera to give you the best possible photo and you can also choose from an existing photo and get the best output.

Now when you get an output image from Prisma App for iPhone, you get a Prisma watermarked image. You can easily go ahead and turn the watermark off from settings so you get a totally clean image. There will be a paid version of Prisma that people can buy too.Download Prisma App for iPhone

Download & Install Prisma App for iPhone

Now since your iPhone works on iOS, this tutorial will also work easily with your iPod touch, iPad etc. So, you can easily follow this procedure. But before doing anything, make sure that your iPhone is updated to latest iOS version else the app might have some problems due to bugs. Have a look at Prisma App for iPhone

Click here to download the app for iphone.

Also make sure that you have signed into your iCloud account to be able to download apps from the App Store else you won’t be able to download the app or use any of the Apple service that they provide so make sure you have signed in.

Now that everything is checked and complete, you can start the process of downloading and installing Prisma app for iPhone. Follow the steps that are mentioned below.

Download from App Store on iPhone

  • Open the App Store on your iPhone. Make sure you are signed in.
  • Now tap on the search icon and then search by entering “Prisma”.
  • This will show a bunch of images in the search results.
  • Look for the app that has an icon of a Black Triangle.
  • Install the app directly from the store.
  • Now the download process for the app has started and depending on your network speed, the download will be completed in some time.
  • The app is just about 16MB which is small and should not take much time.
  • Now that the app is downloaded, you can start using it easily.

This is how to download Prisma App for iPhone using the App Store. You can also install it using iTunes. See the procedure in the next section.

Downloading from iTunes

As you know, you can also download apps to your iPhone, iPad or even iPod from iTunes. Hence this is for those who want to use iTunes to download it.

  • Follow this link and click on View in iTunes button on the page.
  • This will start iTunes and there click on Get button.
  • This will start download and will install it on the connected iPhone to your system.

So, these were the most easy steps that you can choose to use in order to Download & Install Prisma App for iPhone. Have a look at other amazing guide posted on this blog with other amazing image editing apps like Viva Video Download.

Download Prisma App for iPhone [Latest Version]
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