How to use the Prisma App like a Pro

Prisma is a photo editing app that is making the whole world mad at the moment. This guide will help in How to use the Prisma App like a professional.

We all know that in today’s age a simple app has the capability to change how people use their smartphones and smart devices. Prisma itself, as an app is not a simple photo editing app.

You should know that Prisma uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze the image that you want to edit to provide you the best effects.

The inside of the app and the code seem very complex when you consider how it takes advantage of artificial intelligence but the user interface is not complicated at all.

In fact, the app looks quite a lot like Instagram and hence you have that familiarity factor while using the app. Let us take a look at the features that Prisma has to offer.How to Use the Prisma App

Features of Prisma app

Currently Prisma is fully available for iOS and the Beta version was spread across the web for Android but the company decided to close it just after a day of Beta testing which means a stable version is very near for Android. Here are some of the features of Prisma.

  • As mentioned before, Prisma uses Artificial Intelligence and Neural networks to analyze and provide the effects for the image you have chosen.
  • You can either use a pre-existing photo or you can go ahead and take a new one right from the Prisma app.
  • The app has a user interface similar to Instagram which means users can easily get used to it.
  • You can easily choose the effects of the edits by swiping left to right on the edited image.
  • Prisma for videos and VR content is in the works which is a great news too.
  • You can edit selfies, landscape photo or any sort of photo that you like.

Let us get to the procedure on how to use Prisma to edit the photos.Prisma for PC Download

How to use the Prisma app – easy steps!

First of all, you need to make sure that the app has been installed on your respective devices. For Android users, you need to wait for a few more days for the official app release but the process will be the same so read on!

  • Install the Prisma app from your device’s App Store. For iOS follow this link and then install it.
  • Wait for the install to complete and after the install is complete, just open the app.
  • The first thing you will see after opening the app is the option to either take a picture, or choose from an existing one.
  • Choose your photo or click as you please and after the photo is clicked, you will be able to choose the edits.
  • Choose from the carousel of effects and wait for a few seconds for the effect to be applied.
  • You can then directly share the photo on Instagram or some other app or you can save the photo.

These were the steps that you need to follow in order for How to use the Prisma app. Android users, just wait for a few more days and you will have Prisma on your device! Read other cool posts on VivaVideoDownload.

How to use the Prisma App like a Pro
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