Microsoft Pix for iPhone & Android Download on PC

Being the iPhone user, I never thought that will get something much better than the inbuilt camera of iPhone. But the newly introduced Microsoft Pix for iPhone and Android Download changed my mind completely.

I won’t say that the inbuilt features of iPhone are not good but this new app will enhance our expectations about images and quality.

The reviews, as well as my personal interaction with the Microsoft Pix for iPhone, was amazing. Our iPhone clicks images at the best quality and what we get from this application is Image enhancement. It enhances our clicked image with the app camer in a superb and various way.

Download Microsoft Pix for iPhone & Android to get a new & better look for your photos. We even get the ability to click scenes which have moving elements in them. We do it with the help of Apple’s Live Photos options. It is released free of cost for iOS Users.Microsoft Pix for iPhone

Features of Microsoft Pix for iPhone & Android

We are surprised with the fact that Microsoft launched this application for iOS users only. It’s talk of the town also. They haven’t released this amazing Microsoft Pix for Android and Windows Phones. If we consider the legacy, those apps which gain popularity on iOS becomes famous in all other platforms.

Even the recently introduced Prisma App for iPhone was initially made available for iPhone Users only. Even that one is an amazing application. Let us have a look at the features of newly launched Microsoft Pix for iPhone & Android.

  • It is not just Photo enhancement application, it is new iOS Camera App which will let you do amazing wonders.
  • The App is not limited to Photographs only. We even can do video stabilising task with it.
  • It will make adjustments appropriate to the scene as it changes. It will make sure that the clicked image is always tuned to the favorable conditions.
  • Microsoft Pix for iPhone will recognise faces and uses the amazing Hyperlapse technology which will stabilise the video shot with this application.
  • The Application is made with an auto mode which will automatically enhance images which will improve focus, color, and exposure in case of face detection.
  • Toggle Button will let you compare both the images with just one click of Microsoft Pix for iPhone Download App.
  • You will get live images with the help of this application. iPhone users do have Apple’s Live Photos but this application will use a different formula to create such image. It will stitch all burst frames & will create Looping Video.
  • Auto Sync feature will make sure that our clicked image don’t get lost anywhere.

According to Download Microsoft Pix for iPhone officials, the application uses AI technology (artificial intelligence) to give better look to images automatically. It will provide better image output to users.Microsoft Pix for iPhone Download

Microsoft Pix for iPhone Download

I know that your willingness to get this amazing application on your iPhone has increased and you want it on your device at this point in time. The process to Download Microsoft Pix for iPhone is very simple. Even the application is free for iOS users. So you don’t have to worry about the cost part.

Follow the given link to directly download Microsoft Pix for iPhone in just one click. You can even follow given steps to search for it in Apple Store.

Download Microsoft Pix for iPhone App Store

The images coming from various users and review website shows the enhancement power of the Application compare to Apple’s inbuilt camera. It is awesome to get a cool image in a dark area. This is must have app for iPhone users.

Microsoft Pix for iPhone is creating a lot of buzz over Facebook and Twitter. Use this application and provide your reviews to use with the help of feedback forms.Microsoft Pix for Android Download

Download Microsoft Pix for Android App

Android users get such application very late. It happens most of the time. Even this time Microsoft Pix for Android will arrive late. It is just introduced for iOS users and will soon be made available for Android Users. As of now, we can use our own camera and other applications such as Fotor App and Viva Video App to edit our images and video respectively.

Android users are eagerly waiting for this application and no alternative can overtake Microsoft Pix for Android App. We can say it as the features provided to the iOS users are amazing and the quality is also superb. You can use Viva Video App to create amazing videos and it is best at what it provides.

As of now, we don’t have any official statement regarding Microsoft Pix for Android App. We will update this post as soon as some official statement is confirmed by Microsoft regarding the same.

I hope that you liked my views on Microsoft Pix for iPhone and Android Download App. You can even share your views on the same application and I will make sure that it get published here or can be included somewhere in this post only. You can look at the other amazing Photo editing application on Viva Video Download Blog.


Microsoft Pix for iPhone & Android Download on PC
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