Prisma App Download for Android, iPhone & PC Windows/Mac

Prisma app is the newly popular and one of the most downloaded apps right now and people are going crazy about it.

Here is a guide to help you get Prisma app download for Android, iPhone, and PC.

This tutorial is covering all the three platforms which are usually the case with most of the tech savvy consumers and it will be dead simple to follow.

The app is available without any price tag, for now, so you can move ahead and use the same. With the kind of features it’s offering and the kind of response it has managed to get, I’m pretty sure it will be available at a price soon. So, go ahead and grab it when it’s available without any price tag.

Prisma app doesn’t require any surveys or anything stupid things to go through in order to use their free service. It is available without any cost and without any stupid things. This is the first reason why it is able to deliver a top-notch user experience and it is going to stay like that. Although it will be available at a price tag, as I’ve added earlier, or they will introduce some in-app purchases very soon.

At this time, it is the hottest and very talked about photo editing app and I’m sure you’re also going to like it. So, go ahead and start with the description section to know everything about this app and then go ahead and install Prisma app as per the particular platform you’re using.Prisma Download for PC Windows Mac

Prisma app Download for Android

You need to understand one thing. Prisma app isn’t available for Android so far, so you need to get it via its APK file. Later when the app will be up and live at Google Play store, I’ll be updating this tutorial with the perfect and exact link.

Download Prisma app for Android

Aforementioned link will get you Prisma APK file downloaded and I hope it works in your case. To install the app you need to go into the Security Settings and enable an option which is labeled as, ‘Unknown Sources.’

If this option is disabled, then any Android device is meant to install an app from a known source only. And, in most of the cases, the known source is the Google Play store, where the app haven’t made it yet. So, to install an app
from its APK format or from any unknown sources, you need to enable this particular option which does affect the security standards of a phone.

Also, this app will be available very soon and when it does, I’m sure it will require, at least, Android 5.x version. This means that no Android device running prior to Lollipop version will not be supported. So, you need to ensure that you’ve bought a modern smartphone running any of the last two version of Android OS. If it isn’t the case, then the app might not work perfectly.

Finally, there will be the requirement from the hardware side too. The Android devices these days are coming up with whopping 6GB of RAM. You don’t need to go for that much, but at least, 3GB of RAM is required for an Android device to function smoothly. It is mandatory to get, at least, 2GB of RAM, as the device might not work smoothly in anything less.How to Use Prisma App for iPhone

Prisma App Download for iPhone

At this time, Prisma app is supporting both iPhone and iPad platforms, but they need to be working on the latest or any of the last two versions of iOS version. This is the must as the app requires some software and hardware standards which are needed to be met.

Following is the link you need to click on and it will take you to the App Store for the iPhone. Over there, you need to simply tap on the Download button and the app will begin installing on the compatible iOS device you’ve configured.

Download Prisma app for iPhone

The link will take you to the free source where the app is available without any price tag and also at the official one. So, you need not worry about anything, at all.Prisma App Download for Android iPhone

Prisma App Download for PC

Following are the steps you need to go through in order to get Prisma app installed on PC or laptop. The procedure will be simple but not that quick. However, it will be easy enough for you to remember in future. Go ahead!

Step 1 – First things first, get the BlueStacks app player software downloaded from its official website. You need not pay anything at all and the installer will require internet connection later.

Step 2 – Start installing the software by double clicking on its installer and then move along with the on-screen instructions. It should take some time depending on the speed of the internet connection. Click on the Finish button when done!

Step 3 – Now, start the browser of your PC and using the link I’ve added above, download Prisma APK for Android. This file is required as this app is still not available on Android.

Step 4 – Right click on the APK file and open it with the BlueStacks app player software. This is how you’ll get an option to install the app within this emulator.

Step 5 – Go ahead with the install button and the app will be ready within the All Apps section of the software. If you’re asked to log in with a Google account in order to proceed with the services, go ahead and do it.

The system you’re trying to install on this BlueStacks software and later the Prisma app needs to be installed with
at least, 4GB of RAM, 10GB of free C Drive storage, HD standard of updated graphic driver, and updated and the latest version of Operating System.

The installation part is over and I hope the app is working perfectly with the system ahead. If the Google login is asked and it doesn’t work perfectly then it might give some issues. So, be sure you’ve done the setup in a right way.Prisma Download for PC

About Prisma app

The first thing you’ll notice about Prisma app and will become addicted to it is its UI. The user interface is extremely simple and addictive from the very first moment. You don’t need to sign up or do anything like that. Rather, go ahead, select a picture and move along with using the app. There is no need to go through any kind of user guide. Although, the app itself showcases some tutorials on how to use it when you install it for the first time.

The next thing you’ll notice is that there are some photo editing tools which can crop or rotate or do similar things to a particular picture. These are the required tools for any photo editing app and you’ll be glad to see their entry over here. Prisma app has bundled all these must-have right within without any price tag. And, they are right there at the center of the interface.

After then, you’ll be greeted with the prime attraction because of which the app is becoming popular. The artistic filters are available which can be selected by tapping single time and then the selected filter will be applied to the selected picture in the frame. This is as simple as picking up a pickle from a dinner plate and enjoying it.
You need to go ahead and use the filter of your choice and once you’re done, you can select and vary its intensity by scrolling from right to left or vice-versa to get a final version of the painting.

Now, it is ready to share on social platforms and Prisma app does the cropping and adjusting as per a particular platform on its own. For example, it can make an image Instagram ready on its own and doesn’t require any other app or extension to be used in order to achieve the desired size.

The tutorial is over and I hope you found what you came here looking for which is Prisma App Download for Android, iPhone & PC. If not, mention the issue or the error you experienced in the discussion section and I’ll take it from there to provide a working solution, if available. Most of the times, the issues occur due to incompatibility. It’s time for you to share this guide with all your friends online. Peace!

Prisma App Download for Android, iPhone & PC Windows/Mac
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